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TrueTiles is the revolutionary new 2.5" tile system. Come see the mathematical difference! 

Ravens' Hollow

Welcome to Ravens' Hollow, a medieval fantasy city rife with adventure!  Print your own buildings to create the city right for you.

Generic Fantasy

Generic Fantasy contains all the system neutral models that can be used for any game and with any products on the market. 


Skyless Realms

Depths of Savage Atoll

Free Stuff!

Kickstarter from EC3D covering the places, races, and monsters of the realms below the surface, including dark elf, dark dwarf, and more!

Kickstarter from EC3D including aquatic, nautical, pirate, and island monsters, terrain, ships, and more. Late pledges available!

We love the community! Tons of free STL files, printable maps & community groups are just as sampling of what Hero’s Hoard has for you for free!

Forest of Oakenspire


Kickstarter from EC3D including modular airships, giant tree tile sets, new creatures, and more!



Licensed Printers

Looking to become a licensed printer / reseller for Hero’s Hoard and EC3D models? We have a great program in place for that! Click the licensed printer image below to read through our information packet to learn everything about the program and getting started.