Recently concluded Kickstarter!

The "Forest of Oakenspire" Kickstarter is a recently concluded campaign that included 3D printable models or terrain, creatures, and tile sets, 2D printable battle maps, custom monsters, and lore! 

The campaign has concluded but we are in the process of organizing, photographing, and splitting up all the items into sets that will be available for sale here on Hero's Hoard. In the interim, late pledges are still available by messaging Evan (EC3D) directly on the Kickstarter Campaign Page


Modular Airships

I have worked to create what I hope are some of the most modular, dynamic, and beautifully designed airships to have graced tabletop gaming to date. You can customize and print your own unique airship for your players to explore your worlds, or assemble a diverse, powerful armada to rule the skies!


Playable Tree Strongholds

The trees of Oakenspire are a modular OpenLOCK system made of tiles to build your own customizable tree strongholds. The tree system has tiles to build circular trees 8x8" in size, with interior tiles to create individual rooms and levels as desired. There's no limit to how tall the tree can be, and each level is designed to be removed and set on the tabletop for play.


Multiple Tree Options

Including smaller 4" trees, platforms, airship docks, bridges, and more!

Lore PDF