Of True Tiles

“Can not wait for more.”

This is great for a sample i have printed and tested these on a Printbot Simple metal using PLA on a non-heated bed.  Each peice came out great and the clips fit snug without any clean up will be buying the whole set, and can not wait for more

— Lucas S.


“5 stars”

Love them so far.  Using parts of DM Scotty's 2.5D Tile system and an enlarged grid square to accomidate walls correctly these tiles are great. 

— Dan R.


“Excellent product”

This is excellent.  Best tiles out there because of the features of the grid size and short walls to not block you vision at the table.  Get the full version- you will like it.  On the fence, this [sample set] will kick you all the way over at the low low price of free.  The 1.25" squares work wonders for layout, and the lower walls make it far better at the gaming table than typical tiles.  I totally reconmmend!

— Neil P.


“The quality is very good”

I printed these on my Flashforge Creator Pro at both 100 and 200 microns and really can't see any difference between the two beyond the floors looking smoother on the 100 micro setting. I painted both doors (from both print runs) and even the small details like the locks and bolts on the hinges look great on both of them, but since the 200 micron run took about half the time, I'll default to that for my prints.

The quality is very good, and the shorter walls have some advantages. Not just with players being able to better see where minis are at, and being able to place them closer to the walls, but because features like the doors can be placed eactly where they are needed, rather than requiring another part to be printed.

That makes secret doors much easier to handle. When the players find it, place it, and if they don't, don't bother. No need for a special platform to be printed, possibly giving way the secret.

The one drawback I've found is that the clips don't really hold the walls as well as shown in the video. They seem to be a bit loose to me and don't really hold the sides well enough to pick them up. In most cases, I really don't think this will be an issue, though. I suppose there could also be an issue with moviong the completed sections since I don't see any way to connect sections without a wall to place the clip on, but they are so easy to set up that I don't see this as a problem.

I plan to pick up the full set as soon as my budget allows

— Carl A.