• The Tudor Cottage is the workhorse of any medieval fantasy city.  It's time to give those NPC's a place to live too.  Build up your city quickly and cheaply with the Tudor Cottage.  With the different roof options, you will be able to build several different looking Tudor Cottages.
  • The constructed Tudor Cottage has overall dimensions of H 112mm, W 110mm, and L 125mm and is scaled for use with 28mm miniatures.  This can be printed on any printer with a build plate of 115mm x 135mm.    
  • All parts have manifold and have been test printed.  
HH Tudor Cottage

The Tudor Cottage comes with all the STL files needed to build this classic medieval dwelling.  It has several roof options to allow you to construct 6 distinctly different looking cottages.   It also comes with roof brackets and roof tabs, so you can easily remove the roof to use the inside as a playable game area.


  • TC Front
  • TC Back
  • TC Side
  • TC Roof A and Roof B
  • TC Roof A Single Dormer and Roof B Single Dormer
  • TC Roof A Double Dormer and Roof B Double Dormer
  • TC Roof Brackets
  • TC Roof Tabs
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