Hero's Hoard is proud to announce a partnership with Wyloch's Armory to bring you TrueTiles, the revolutionary new 2.5" tile system that solves many of the problems associated with standard 2" dungeon tiles.   Watch the video to to learn more about True Tiles and how they can level up your game.


TrueTiles is now a part of the OpenLOCK Compatible family!  This means that you will now be able to use the same locking clips as other OpenLOCK Compatible tile systems out there.  Our new sets of tiles will all be OpenLock Compatible going forward.  We will also be going back through our other sets of tiles and converting them over to the OpenLOCK system.  Just look for the OpenLOCK Compatible logo in each TrueTiles set description.  

"But I already purchased the old set.  Will I need to purchase the upgraded set too?"   - No.  We stand with you.  If you purchased an old set of TrueTiles and you want that set in the upgraded OpenLOCK Compatible version, just use the "contact" tab in the header.  Be sure to include the original order number with the request and we will send you the new version when it is ready for free.  Happy Printing!

Available TrueTiles sets

Base Dungeon Set

This set is the foundation of TrueTiles and it will allow you to print standard dungeons complete with stairs up and down and a few door options.  OpenLOCK Compatible.


Dungeon Dressing

The TrueTiles Dungeon Dressing set gives you lots of accessories to add interesting features to your dungeons.  


TrueTiles Taverns Expansion

The TrueTiles Taverns Expansion set allows you to print tudor style tiles to create taverns, shops, inns, or homes.   OpenLOCK Compatible.


TrueTiles Free Sample Pack

The TrueTiles Free Sample Pack gives you a chance to test out TrueTiles for free!  Enjoy! OpenLOCK Compatible.


TrueTiles Ice Tiles Expansion Pack

The TrueTiles Ice Tiles Expansion Pack gives you even more freedom in your Ice dungeon layout and design.  OpenLOCK Compatible.


Chasm Set

The first TrueTiles dungeon expansion set.  A collection of 23 printable chasm tiles and several accessories to add chasms, cracks, fissures, and holes to your dungeons.  


TrueTiles Dungeon Traps

The TrueTiles Dungeon Traps Expansion Pack gives you lots of options to make your dungeons more deadly. 


TrueTiles Caverns Base Set

The TrueTiles Caverns Base Set allows you to print irregular, natural looking cavern tiles.  OpenLOCK Compatible.


TrueTiles Openable Doors

The TrueTiles Openable Doors allows you to add working doors anywhere you want in your dungeons and taverns.  


TrueTiles Dungeon Stone

This set was created by Devon Jones using his classic Dungeon Stone design in TrueTiles format.  OpenLOCK Compatible.


Water Set

The second TrueTiles expansion set.  Create lakes, pools and rivers with this set of 27 printable water tiles.  The set also contains bridge and boat options as well as a waterfall.  


TrueTiles Odd Geometries

The TrueTiles Odd Geometries Expansion Pack gives you even more freedom in your dungeon layout and design.


TrueTiles Caverns Expansion Pack

The TrueTiles Caverns Expansion Pack allows you to print extra features to go along with the Caverns Base Set.  OpenLOCK Compatible.


Truetiles Ice Tiles Base Set

The TrueTiles Ice Base Set allows you to print dungeons, caves and fortresses made of snow and ice.  OpenLOCK Compatible.


TrueTiles Cut Stone

This set was created by Devon Jones using his classic Cut Stone design in TrueTiles format.            OpenLOCK Compatible.