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The Town Accessories Set 1 will add a lot of character to you towns and villages.  You get two different styles of Pig Stys with interchangeable roofs.  The fences are modular so you can make them as big as you want.  The set also comes with two farm fields.  One is tilled earth and the other has planted carrots.  Finally there is a Chicken Coop with ramp.  The Set contains split files and tabbed versions of the Pig Stys to make printing easier.

Tiles and other miniatures are shown for scale.

All models have manifold and have been test printed.

Town Accessories Set 1

Contains all the STL files to print the Town Accessories.


-Large Pig Sty (plus printer tabs version)

-Small Pig Sty (plus printer tabs version)

-Pig Sty Beam

-Pig Sty Slatted and Shingled Roof

-Modular Fence (plus split files)

-Modular Fence w/Gate (plus split files)

-Fence Post End (plus split files)

-Fence Post Thru (plus split files)

-Fence Post Corner (plus split files)

-Carrot Field

-Tilled Field

-Chicken Coop

-Chicken Coop Roof Shingles (L and R)

-Chicken Coop Stone Foot

-Chicken Coop Ramp

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