The TrueTiles Taverns Expansion now brings your gaming indoors!  Create taverns, inns, stores, and homes in a tudor style.  

TrueTiles Taverns Expansion is OpenLOCK Compatible. 

Miniatures and other accessories shown for scale and layout purposes.

All models have manifold and have been test printed.

TrueTiles Taverns Expansion Pack

All the .stl files you will need to create basic taverns.


- TrueTiles OpenLOCK Tavern Base

- TrueTiles OpenLOCK Tavern Diagonal Base

- Tavern Corner

- Tavern Single Wall

- Tavern Hallway

- Tavern Deadend

- Tavern Field

- Tavern Diagonal Field

- Tavern Diagonal

- Tavern Stairs Up

- Tavern Stairs Down

- Tavern OpenLOCK Stairs Down Base

- Tavern Door Clip-On

- OpenLOCK Clip 4.2

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