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This 3d printable STL set from EC3D contains items and set pieces of a religious, faith, and spirituality based theme for your 28mm gaming needs. Perfect for churches, temples, and the like. Included in this set are 26 individual STL files, consisting of:


A large detailed cloth-draped wooden alter comes in 4 varieties:

  • Incense burner, 3 small candles on a dish, and a large candle in a holder

  • Open book, 3 small candles on a dish, and decorative relic

  • Open book, liquid-filled bowl, 3 small candles on a dish, and 2 large candles in a holder

  • Incense burner, open book, decorative relic, and liquid-filled bowl

A smaller wooden cloth-covered table comes in multiple variations. Each of the variations below also comes in either a version with simple smooth cloth or ornate woven cloth covering.

  • An open book bracketed by large candles in a holder

  • Large stepped decorative candle holder with 10 lit candles of various sizes

  • Empty table


No medieval church is complete without an organ! This set contains a pipe organ with decorative wooden trimming, and a padded bench.


Preach from on high with a pulpit, complete with an open book, incense burner,  draped cloth banner, decorative wooden trimming, and metal motifs. The pulpit is included in 2 version: A version with a wooden base and a version without.


Various pedestals for different use cases. Each of the variations below comes in a smooth cut stone version, and a rough carved stone version:

  • Pedestal with open book

  • Pedestal with incense burner and open book

  • Large liquid filled stone bowl on pedestal


Multiple various items to fill out the religious space, including:

  • An offering box on a wooden table, sealed with a lock and chain

  • Long padded benches with decorative wood trimming

  • Pews with padded benches and decorative wood trimming

  • Floor-standing religious relic

  • Tabletop religious relic

  • Decorative tray with wine goblet and decanter

All items in this set require NO supports to print, are manifold, and ready to throw right into your slicer with no fixing or tweaking needed. All parts in the pictures are printed @ .08mm layer height and painted with a mix of Army Painter and Apple Barrel paints and washes, and paint easily. All miniatures in the pictures are included for scale reference only.

EC3D - Religion and Faith

All the STL files required to print the Religion and Faith Set.


- 4 Altars 

- 6 Tables

- Pipe Organ

- Bench

- 2 Pulpits

- 6 Stone Pedestals

- Offering Box

- 2 Pews

- 2 Religious relics

- Offering Tray

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