There is a TrueTiles door for every room - keeping your treasure safe, your prisoners behind bars, and allowing a nice breeze into your filthy hovel. 

TrueTiles openable doors are working clip-on doors that completely open and close. Frames can be used with wall clips so you can drop doors anywhere on a TrueTiles wall. Also included are clip-on bases and low-profile bases so you can drop them anywhere you want on our tiles or in any other game!

Miniatures and other Tiles pictured are shown for scale and layout purposes.

All models have manifold and have been test printed.

Whole and split files provided so you can choose how you want to print them.

Small pieces of 1.75mm plastic filament can easily be used as pins to attach the frame tops to the fames.

TrueTiles Openable Doors

All the .stl files to print TrueTiles Openable Doors.


- Stone Door Frame 

- Iron Door Frame

- Wood Door Frame

- Stone Door

- Wooden Door

- Prison Door

- Iron Door

- Rotted Door

- Clip-On Base

- Low Profile Base

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