The TrueTiles Odd Geometries Expansion Pack gives you even more control of how you can display rooms and dungeons!  Get off the beaten path and create pentagonal rooms or large circular rooms.   Or terrorize your players with elemental runic tiles and summoning circles.  Tons more options for dungeon layouts!

Miniatures and other Tiles pictured are shown for scale and layout purposes.

All models have manifold and have been test printed.

TrueTiles Odd Geometries Expansion Pack

All the STL files shown in the Layout.


- 3 Pentagonal Tiles

- 4 Runic Tiles

- 1 2x4 and 1 4x4 square Field Tiles

- 3 1x1 square tiles and 6 1x2 square tiles

- 2 Curved Doors

- 5 Other Half Tiles

- 1 Summoning Circle Tile and a Summoning Circle Ring

- 1 Statue Niche Tile

-6 Odd Geometries Wall Clips

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