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This 3d printable STL set from EC3D contains all manner of items that make noise, sound, and music for your 28mm gaming needs. Perfect for that lively tavern bard, group of court musicians, or wandering gypsy theatre troupe. Included in this set are 17 individual STL files, consisting of:

  • Stretched-hide drum

  • Lute

  • 3 open felt-lined lute cases (1 containing a lute, 1 with scattered coins, and 1 empty)

  • Upright piano with piano bench

  • Performer’s stage

  • Small wooden table with panpipes and tambourine

  • Bagpipes (that print/lay flat)

  • Large harp (prints in 2 parts and glues together)

  • Hurdy-gurdy

  • Lyre (with a stand)

  • Upright Bass

  • War horn (bone with carving), attached to stone pedestal (requires supports)

  • Simple music stand with sheet music (prints in top/bottom pieces)

Unless otherwise noted above, all items print in a single pieces and require no supports to print. In the case where supports are needed, simple slicer-made supports work great. All parts are manifold, and ready to throw right into your slicer with no fixing or tweaking needed. All parts in the pictures are printed @ .08mm layer height and painted with a mix of Army Painter and Apple Barrel paints and washes, and paint easily. All miniatures in the pictures are included for scale reference only.

EC3D - Music and Sound

All the STL files to print the Music and Sound Set.


- Drum

- 3 Lute Cases

- Stage

- Table

- Bagpipes

- Piano

- Bench

- Harp

- Lyre

- Horn on Pedestal 

- Hurdy-gurdy

- Music Stand

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