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This 3d printable STL set from EC3D includes all the pieces you need to make a diverse, modular cliff set. You may already have great sets of tiles for cave, dungeon, and building situations - but what about the outdoors? Maybe you use a large battle mat, grid paper, or print your own large scenery maps? Well what those maps are missing is *vertical* definition and interesting terrain.

I designed this modular cliff system to meet that need - wherever your adventurers may find a cliff face, now they can see and interact with one. The base size for a main cliff piece is 4” x 1-1.5” by ~3.5”. They are designed to work perfectly on a 1” grid map, and also to be used as sparingly or as densely as you desire. They are short enough to provide limits visual impairment to your players, especially in an outdoor open area. You can print as many pieces as needed to design infinite different cliff configurations. They are perfect for DnD, Frostgrave, and other tabletop games.

The pieces are designed to be light, portable, and print well with no supports and barely any infill. They do not have any kind of locking/connecting system, as one is not needed - they sit well on the table due to their own footprint and are ridiculously easy to reposition as needed. They have enough contrasting depth and detail to make to look like real rock with simple painting techniques and optional flock, and are DEAD-SIMPLE to paint. The rocks in the pics are printed in black PLA with an 80% coverage of dark gray primer and a quick dry brush of lighter gray - that’s it!!

The modular system includes some base pieces to build your main cliff shape:

- 3 straight cliff wall variations for dynamic rock faces

- half-length 90 degree corner turn pieces

- right and left-sided “step-down” end pieces to edge cliff runs gracefully

Additionally there are many unique pieces that add visual and interactive flair to your cliff walls, including:

- 2 different variations of carved rock stairways going up

- Ledge piece that can hold a few miniatures or other scatter terrain

- Crevasse pass, to link to another outdoor area or a cave system

- Cave entrance

- Round brick/wooden door into cliffside

- Ornate carved stone dwarves hall/mine entrance

There are also versions of the entrance pieces (cave, round door, dwarven hall) that have OpenLOCK clip fittings on the back to use as entrances.

I will be introducing addon pieces to the cliff system in future sets, themed to the set and with appropriate scatter terrain. The items in the pic are printed at 0.2mm layer height (excepting doors, which were at .12mm), printed with no supports and 5% infill. All miniatures and grid maps in the pictures are included for scale reference only.

EC3D - Modular Cliff System

All the STL files needed to print the Modular Cliff System.


- 2 Cliff Wall Cave Entrances 

- Cliff Wall Cave Entrance OpenLOCK 

- 3 Cliff Wall Straight Sections

- 2 Cliff Wall Stairs

- 2 Cliff Wall Ends

- Cliff Wall Corner

- Cliff Wall Ledge

- Cliff Wall Crevice Pass

- Cliff Wall Round Door

-Cliff Wall Round Door OpenLOCK

- Cliff Wall Dwarven Hall Entrance

-Cliff Wall Dwarven Hall Entrance OpenLOCK


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