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This 3d printable STL set from EC3D is the second set available to help you add color to your inns, taverns, and other places of hospitality. This time around, we have created everything to help you flesh out the back of the house - the kitchen! Your establishment might have the best cooks in the land, so make sure they have the best equipment to work with!  Including is everything you need to keep the fires stoked, the bread baking, and the patrons well-fed and happy.

Including in this set are 26 individual STL files, consisting of:

  • Cooktop complete with pan storage, roaring baking oven, kettle on the range, firewood stored for quick access, and an optional range hood.
  • Bread oven with roaring fire, worktop, cooking grate, and storage cabinet
  • Butcher block with knife storage and a carved piece of meat
  • Milk cans with dairy fresh from the cow in back (includes a version with a lid on, and another with a cream filter attached with chain)
  • Butter churn for working that milk into fresh butter
  • Kitchen island with open storage shelves
  • Stone sink with water barrel and funnel, wash rag, curtained storage underneath and a storage cabinet
  • Step stool to help your halfling and dwarf cooks reach the countertops
  • Stone meal wheel for grinding meal and flour for baking
  • Open storage shelves for keeping all needed kitchen items within easy grasp
  • Various scatter items to stock shelves and the kitchen including stacks of plates and bowls, pots, sacks, and stacked pans
  • Multiple food items ready to serve, including a sausage board, chicken, cheese platter, and two bread loaf variations

Many items print in a single pieces and require no supports to print. Some of the more complex items, such as the meal wheel print in multiple pieces but are very easy to assemble with glue. The meal wheel and the sink are the only items that require slicer-made supports, and the butcher block has simple supports built-in. All parts are manifold, and ready to throw right into your slicer with no fixing or tweaking needed. All parts in the pictures are printed @ .12mm layer height and painted with a mix of Army Painter and Apple Barrel paints and washes, and paint easily. All miniatures in the pictures are included for scale reference only.

EC3D - Inn and Tavern Set 2

All the STL files needed to print the Inn and Tavern Set 2.


- 2 Cooktops

- Cooktop Hood

- Bread Oven

- Stone Sink

- Kitchen Island

- Shelf

- Stone Meal Wheel

- Butcher Block

- 2 Milk Cans

- Step Stool

- Fire

- Butter Churn

- Sacks

- Pot

- 3 Stacks of dishes, plates, pots

- 5 Foodstuffs

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