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This 3d printable STL set from EC3D is full of items to fill out your bustling Inn and Tavern! All are designed with the decor of a mid-to-high quality establishment, and includes a bevy of unique items. The set goes great with lots of the community-standard free items available on Thingiverse and elsewhere!

Included in this set are 21 individual STL files, consisting of:

  • Roaring Hearth w/ mantle and fireplace tools (available in two sizes - one to fit under standard 2” walls if you are using multiple floors, and a larger one for open-topped floor plans)

  • Pot-bellied stove to throw off heat and warm up water and hands on the frostiest of evenings

  • Small firewood rack to keep the hearth and stove roaring

  • Woodshed lean-to with cutting log and axe for keeping your winter stash of firewood dry outside.

  • Finely-crafted liquor shelf to contain all the spirits needed for a well-stocked bar (goes great with Curufin’s “Bar Back and Accessories” on Thingiverse, and is sized to fit alongside)

  • 9 varieties of glass liquor bottles, including a glass skull bottle.

  • Privies for getting rid of recycled booze, or hiding dead bodies after an intense tavern brawl.

  • Small stage, with a curtained storage space underneath.

  • Tubs for soaking and removing road grime (comes in empty and full versions)

  • Wooden serving tray

  • Waitress station with dustpan, broom, and towel - large enough to hold a serving tray on top.

  • Wash table with bowl full of water, pitcher, and hand cloth for cleaning up after sleep or using the privy.

  • Full bucket of water for cleaning, flushing the privies, filling the tub, etc

  • Comfortable booth for your more seedy patrons to sit at in the corner and brood

Many items print in a single pieces and require no supports to print. Some of the larger items, such as the hearth and booth are split into 2 pieces but print with guides and are sliced in such a way that you do not see the joint line. The hearth top is the only item that requires supports, and simple slicer-made supports work great. All parts are manifold, and ready to throw right into your slicer with no fixing or tweaking needed. All parts in the pictures are printed @ .12mm layer height and painted with a mix of Army Painter and Apple Barrel paints and washes, and paint easily. All miniatures in the pictures are included for scale reference only.

EC3D - Inn and Tavern Set 1

All the STL files needed to print the Inn and Tavern Set 1.


- Pot Belly stove

- Firewood Rack

- Booth

- 2 Hearths (large and small)

- Bucket of water

- Privvy

- 2 Tubs (empty and full)

- Woodshed Lean-to

- Liquor Shelf

- 9 Liquor Bottles

- Goblet

- Wash Table

- Small Stage

- Waitress Station

- Serving Tray

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