TrueTiles Base Dungeon OpenLOCK Pack


TrueTiles Base Dungeon OpenLOCK Pack


All of the .stl files you will need to build basic dungeons.


- TrueTiles OpenLOCK Curved Base

- TrueTiles OpenLOCK Diagonal Base

- TrueTiles OpenLOCK Base

- TrueTiles OpenLOCK Stairs Down Base

- Field Tile

- Corner Tile

- Single-Wall Tile

- Dead-End Tile

- Hallway Tile

- Slanted Tile

- Curved Tile

- OpenLOCK Clip 4.2

- Wooden Door

- Wooden Double Doors

- Secret Door (opened and closed)

- Stairs Up

- Stairs Down Tile

-Also Includes the Original TrueTiles Base Dungeon Pack with Wall Clips

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