EC3D - Modular Shelves - Library & Study Decor

Dark tomes of power and forgotten secrets. The lore of the stars in the sky, shaped by the hands of gods. Quiet hours of contemplation by candlelight. These are just a few of the things you can explore with scenes built from item in this set!

Contained within is the most flexible, modular shelving and cupboard system in the market, with enough variety to build thousands of different layouts - perfect for a sprawling library, apothecary shop, university, wizard’s tower, and more.

Also included are tons of various scenery accessories, items and decor to fully stock those shelves and the rooms they are in. All items are scaled for 28mm-32mm gameplay but can scale as needed. Items in this set include:

Fully modular shelving system: Printable “shells” of varying heights and widths and printable shelving/cupboard inserts allow you to mix/match and reuse shelving components for multiple use cases. With this modular system you can build more shelves, cupboards, and drawers than you will ever need. Take a look at the screenshots for some idea on variety.

Complete shelving: Designed with pieces from the modular shelving set above but ready to drop on the print bed and have ready-to-paint items with zero assembly and no lines from the modular piece intersections. 44 varieties included, including narrow, normal, wide, divided, tall and double stacked!

*NOTE ON SHELVING*: Base shelfs are sized to fit within normal wall-height systems (DF, OpenForge, etc) and are categorized as corner, wide, narrow, & double-wide (2 wide shelves with a carved column between). Also included are tall (1 shelf row higher than normal) which will not fit in normal wall systems, which include wide and double-wide format. Also included are stacked, which are two normal height-height shelves for huge library rooms, which are only in double-wide format.

Shelf and table filler: Rows of books, potions, scrolls, chests, boxes, etc to fill all your shelving. Tons of pieces designed to print with detail in front/top (for insertion into shelving) and lots of sets for placing on tables, floor, etc with 360 degree detail (stacks of items)

Shelving accessories: Glue-on items to make shelving fancier, including carved moldings or top / front / side, lanterns, standing reading shelf, etc. Also included are the individual small items in these sets to print individually or build your own groupings of items.

Ladders and steps: For accessing those high-up books. Sliding ladders for tall and stacked shelving and a circular, movable stairway.

Furniture: Lots of themed items, including large tables for placing books/scrolls, carved chairs with cushions, small end tables, desks for studying, scribe tables to go on desks, book cart, floor globe, shelf of busts, and a grandfather clock.

Telescope: Mounted on a stone pedestal, with controls and an eye-level lens for seeing the stars. Prints totally supportless!

**ABOUT THE MODELS** - None of the models in this set require support to print, but some items do print in multiple pieces and require assembly.

*DISCLAIMER* - Miniatures are shown for scale only, and are not included. All models are manifold, are test printed, and guaranteed to be error-free. However this set does have some detailed pieces that require a well-calibrated printer to get good results. No guarantees are made about your own ability to print with the same quality result as seen in the pictures, but all items were designed to be as easy to print as possible, just like all EC3D models!

EC3D - Modular Shelves - Library & Study Decor

All the STL files required to print the Modular Shelves - Library & Study Decor set.


  • 32 STLs to make modular shelving/cupboard systems

  • 44 unqiue completed shelving/cupboards

  • 5 pieces to ornament/decorate the shelving

  • 13 unique sets/combos of shelf filler items

  • 10 unique individual items for scatter or to make your own shelf filler

  • 18 STLs for various other furniture and decor

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