In RPGs and wargames, there's no shortage of the bones of monsters and enemies (long dead or newly deceased), and this set of scatter terrain aims to help fill your table with all manner of bone-themed items.

All items are naturally scaled for 28mm/heroic gameplay, but have enough detail to scale to most any size you might need. Included in the set are:

Ribcage Bone Cell: A ghastly prison made of the ribcage of a huge beast, a rocky outcrop, and some man-made materials. Prints in 3 parts, with a removable top (for inserting figs) and openable front doors. Available in 2 versions - one with chains and a steel gate/door, and one with a cut-log barricade.

Ancient Black Dragon Skeleton: Perfect to scare the bejeesus out of any old-school gamer, the exposed neck, skull, and claw of an ancient black dragon is loaded with menace and details. Prints as one piece, requiring no support!

Demon Skull Hut: This hut is made from the skull of an ancient demon, with huge fangs and broken horns. Inside the hut, a bedroll rests on a rocky shelf, and the top of the skull is removable for inside play. Prints as a 1-piece bottom an top, or the bottom is split into 3 pieces for smaller printers.

Rib Bones: Huge jutting rib bones stick up from the earth, perfect for use in a dozen different scenarios or tables, and scalable to any size. These print as 2 pieces, one for each side.

Skeletal Throne: This throne is built from various skeletal elements and is the perfect place for a demon, barbarian king, or necromancer to rest their backside. The throne prints in 1 piece requiring no supports. It's included as a fully decorated/based version, and the "raw" throne (for use on things like dinosaur saddles, or whatever else you can come up with!)

Mammoth Remains: The huge tusks of a mammoth skull jut into the air, with various other bones of the animal littering the ground around. Great for a point of interest, treasure trove, or any other scatter use.

Bone Pits: A jagged rocky pit filled to the brim with bones. Remains of prisoners used for an offering? Dangerous tar pit? Who knows! This item prints as one piece with no supports, and is available in 2 variants - one with a completely full bone pit, and one with some bones exposed in a bubbling liquid.

Miniatures are shown for scale, and are not included.

*DISCLAIMER* - All models are manifold, are test printed, and guaranteed to be error-free. However this set does have some detailed pieces that require a well-calibrated printer to get good results. No guarantees are made about your own ability to print with the same quality result as seen in the pictures, but all items were designed to be as easy to print as possible, just like all EC3D models!

EC3D - Boneyard Scatter Terrain

Includes all STL files to print pictured items (16 STLs in total), including:

  • Ribcage Bone Cells (2 variants)

  • Ancient Black Dragon Skeleton

  • Demon Skull Hut

  • Rib Bones

  • Skeletal Throne

  • Mammoth Remains

  • Bone Pits (2 variants)

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