The TrueTiles Cut Stone set is brought to you by the prolific creator of OpenForge, Devon Jones!   Devon has created a version of his classic Cut Stone Tiles in the 2.5" by 2.5" style of TrueTiles for us.  These tiles look great and have several base options for OpenLOCK, magnets, or both.   

For more information on Devon Jones, his fantastic designs, and community contributions, please check out these links:

- Devon Jones and OpenForge on Thingiverse - Link

- Masterwork Tools - Link

- Devon Jones on Patreon - Link  (All his Patreons will receive all tile sets he creates for Hero's Hoard for free)

Miniatures and other Tiles pictured are shown for scale and layout purposes.

All models have manifold and have been test printed.

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TrueTiles Cut Stone

All the .stl files you will need to create basic dungeons.


- Diagonal Tile (with 3 base options)

- Curved Tile (with 3 base options)

- Field Tile (with 3 base options)

- Single Wall (with 3 base options)

- Corner Tile (with 3 base options)

- Deadend Tile (with 3 base options)

- Hallway Tile (with 3 base options)

- Clip on Wood Door

- OpenLOCK Clip

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