The TrueTiles Caverns Expansion Pack allows you add even more features to your caves and caverns.  Add features like pools, mine track, mine carts, natural columns, and crystals to make your caverns even more unique.

TrueTiles Caverns Expansion Pack is OpenLOCK Compatible. 

Miniatures and other accessories shown for scale and layout purposes.

All models have manifold and have been test printed.

Heros Hoard.png
TrueTiles Caverns Expasion Pack

All the .stl files to expand the base caverns.


- TrueTiles OpenLOCK Base

- OpenLOCK Clip 4.2

- Cavern Corner Water

- Cavern Water Field A, B, C, D, and E

- Cavern Water Side A, B, and C

- Cavern Column A, B, and C

- Cavern Stalagmite A and B

- Cavern Crystals

- Minecart Base

- Minecart Wheel

- Minecart Full

- Minecart Empty

- Track Straight 1 and 2

- Track Split

- Track Turn

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