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Take your adventuring on the road with this new modular caravan and wagon set! This set includes multiple varieties of modular wagons, with various harnesses and accessories. There are also a mix of covered tops (caravan and gypsy style) that set right on the wagons to make them travelling wagons! This set includes 15+ printable STL files so you can print and construct your own menagerie of caravan wagons for every use case in your tabletop gaming.

WAGONS- The base modular wagon takes up 2x4" on a battle mat, has space for cargo in the back, and uses a modular harness system to switch out the tongue/harnesses as needed. The wagon comes in an easy-to-print 2-piece solid design that prints in 2 parts which do not require support, or a fully "rollable" version that has wheels/axles that roll on the table but requires more assembly. The modular wagon comes in 3 varieties (in both solid and rolling version): 

  • Base wagon with no accessories.
  • Wagon with a crossbow sitting under the driver's seat.
  • Wagon with a waterskin and a lantern on the driver's seat

CARAVAN TOPS- The modular caravan tops come in two flavors: A gypsy version to convert your wagon to a travelling comfortable home for a wandering salesperson, musician, etc - or a hard-edged caravan version, complete with verious accessory options. To make any base wagon a caravan wagon, just set the caravan top piece you want to use right on the bed and you are good to go! All tops print easily with no supports and have great sculpt detail. Variations include: -Gypsy wooden caravan top, with a rear door, front window, chimney, shingled roof, hanging lantern, and lots of hand-carved details.

  • Base canvas covered-top wagon.
  • Battle-ready canvas top with a long-sword tied to the front post and an iron shield slung off the back post.
  • Road-worn canvas top with repaired rips and patches, canister hanging off front peg, and back flap ajar

MODULAR HARNESSES- The modular harnesses are designed to be interchangeable with the base wagon bed. Using easy-to-access friction fit pegs you can switch out harnesses in 2 seconds for your wagons. The harnesses are also designed with print-in-place hinges, so they can change height to match whatever animals you use as draft animals. There are three harness configurations:

  • Single harness, 1 row configuration.
  • Double harness, 1 row configuration.
  • Quadruple harness, 2 row configuration.

Tiles and other miniatures are shown for scale.

All models have manifold and have been test printed.

EC3D - Caravan Carts and Wagons

All the STL files to print the Caravan Carts and Wagons.


-3 wagon variants (Plus split files)

-Gypsy wooden caravan top

-3 Canvas variant caravan tops

-3 Harness Variants

-Step Plate

-Harness Mount



-Wheel Cap

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