EC3D- Blood and Bone

Expose your players to the gut-wrenching horrors of the abyss with this "Blood and Bone" abyssal scenery pack! Included are four individual pieces that come together to form a grisly scene of macabre carnage and devilry. Multiple versions of the various files are included to allow for more complex, harder to paint pieces and simpler pieces that allow you to slap some paint on and get them on the table as fast as possible. Also included is support for real LED lighting elements to give them an extra flair. If blood is not your goal, an alternate paint scheme with acid, water, etc is also a good fit for these designs.

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Blood and Bone.jpg


An weathered-stone altar with pools of blood, charnel and bones, with a large bone backdrop and chains. This model requires no supports to print, and is included in multiple formats:

  • A simple altar with two individual pools of blood (fastest to print and paint)
  • Same as the simple altar above, but with human bones in the blood pools
  • A more complex altar with a tunnel connecting blood pools, and fountains draining down into additional pools below
  • Same as the complex altar above with with human bones in the blood pools  


Two unique weathered-stone obelisks with blood fountianing from a skeletal motif, chains dangling down into the pools, and bones jutting from the top. This model requires no supports to print, and is included in multiple formats:

  • 2 unique versions of the obelisk that print as solid models, easily scalable for your desired look
  • 2 unique versions of the obelisk that are hollow, allowing insertion of cheaply-available Chinese LED earrings via a threaded hole in the bottom, so light shines through the skeletons nose/eyes where the fountain exits the stone (red and yellow light both look great!)


A weathered-stone archway with carved runes rising from a pool of blood, with a stone bridge rimmed with risking bone in the center. This model is split into 3 individual pieces for ease of printing (and most importantly, painting!). The top of the archway is the only item that requires (very minimal) supports to print, and slicer generated supports work perfectly. The columns set into the bottom and stay in place with a few drops of super glue, and the archway top snaps into place with a nice pressure fit (and glue if you wish). The following versions of the archway are included:

  • Empty pools for quick/easy painting
  • Pools with human bone in them for a more grotesque look.


As stated above, all elements require no supports excepting the archway top, assemble quickly and easily, are ready to drop right into your slicer for printing, and print very well. All examples in the pictures were printed with Hatchbox white PLA at .12mm layer height, primed, then painted with a mix of Army Painter and cheap Apple Barrel paints and washes. Complex painting techniques are NOT required to make these pieces look great!