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The workshop of a master blacksmith is littered with raw materials, tools of the trade, and finished products of his craft. This 3d-printable file set includes STL files for everything you need to create a unique, detailed smithy that will shine in any tabletop setting! The set includes 6 unique, hand-sculpted models that are easy to print and contain great detail, with lots of interesting accessories and items.

Included in the set are:


The centerpiece of the smithy, the forge! This forge prints in 2 parts that snap-fit together, for easy printing and painting. The forge is full of detail, and includes features like a foot-pedal operated bellows, a finishing table, and an oil quench tank. There are two versions of the the forge included:

  • The basic one, with all the features listed above, which is the easiest of the versions to paint

  • A version with extra accessories and tools throughout (a pliers and chain on the forge front, stacked wood by the furnace, a hammer on the finishing table, etc)

Printing notes: The bottom pieces print with no supports, and the top piece requires simple (slicer-made) supports.


The blacksmit's main workbench is littered with tools of the trade. A pliers and hammer sit in their appointed spots on the back of the bench, a foot-powered stone grinding wheel is mounted on one corner of the bench, and a hand-crank vice is mounted on the other. A leather apron drapes over one side of the bench, and multiple stoking and shaping tools hang from the right side of the bench.

Printing notes: This piece prints in 2 parts, a top and bottom, that snap and glue together with guide tabs. The bottom requires basic (slicer-made) supports and the top prints easily with no supports. There is also a complete version of the workbench that can be printed with supports if you do not want to deal with assembly.


Every weapon starts out as raw materials - and those materials need to be stored somewhere! This shelf has a collection of steel/iron ingots and bars, with a wooden box for more storage. It prints in 2 pieces that glue together easily, and requires no support to print.


Every blacksmith needs an anvil - and you have multiple to chose from, including:

  • A basic anvil bolted to the top of a square-cut piece of lumber

  • The basic anvil from above, but with the lumber banded with steel

  • A basic anvil bolted to a tree stump, with some tools mounted on the stump (pliers, hammer, etc)

Additionally, two more accessory pieces are included:

  • A water bucket / dip quench for cooling items from the forge

  • A rack of finished swords, displaying the blacksmiths fine handiwork for sale

The anvils, water quench barrel, and racks all require no supports to print.


As stated above, most elements require no supports excepting the workbench bottom and forge top. All pieces assemble quickly and easily, are ready to drop right into your slicer for printing, and print very well. All examples in the pictures were printed with Hatchbox white PLA at .12mm layer height, primed, then painted with a mix of Army Painter and cheap Apple Barrel paints and washes. Complex painting techniques are NOT required to make these pieces look great!

Tiles and other miniatures are shown for scale.

All models have manifold and have been test printed.

EC3D - Blacksmith Forge and Workshop

All the STL files required to print the Blacksmith Forge and Workshop.


- 2 Forges

- Workbench

- Raw Materials Shelf

- 3 Anvils

- Water Bucket

- Sword Rack

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