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This 3d printable STL set from EC3D includes the items needed to make a rough wilderness village, complete with various huts and adornments. Designed for playability, easy painting/printing, and to look great on the table, these pieces are perfect for any barbarian, hunter, or viking village.

Additionally, this set contains the first "add-on" to the Modular Cliff set - a pass covered by a large mammoth skull!

This set includes 15 STL files including:

  • Longhouse made of hides and tusks, with a designed interior and removable top. Includes detailed and basic versions.
  • Hide and wood huts, including three different variations with weapons and accessories
  • Hide and wood hut interiors, intended to replace the regular huts on the table when players enter them for playable space (includes 2 variations)
  • Stretched bear hide on a wooden frame
  • Skull pass with large mammoth skull, for use with existing Modular Cliff set or standalone
  • Log benches
  • Stone fire ring

These pieces are easy to print, paint, and assemble. Miniatures in pic are included for scale only, and all pieces are printed at .12mm layer height.

EC3D - Barbarian Village

All the STL files needed to print the Modular Cliff System.


- Mammoth Covered Pass

- 2 Longhouses

- 3 Huts

- 2 Hut Interiors

- Stretched Bear Hide on Frame

- Log Bench

- Stone Fire Ring

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